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Can I play line dances at my wedding?

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

This debate can go on for a while, like how there's no point in eating French fries without ketchup. Oh, and please you must dip the fries in the ketchup. Yep, we just opened another debate! We’ve heard many DJs, and wedding planners among other vendors say line dances shouldn't be played. Yet, we've also seen many wedding planners, servers, and even DJs join a line dance themselves!

To some people, line dances are labeled as boring, cheesy, cliche, or cringe. Some even consider it 'cheating' to get a dance floor packed. While no one wants aunt Linda complaining at them there's kids' bop music being played; is the 'Cha Cha slide' that bad?

There are also times Boot Scootin Boogie is played and you have a couple of cousins who are synced so well and have an extra step, it's almost as if that's what they've been practicing during the time leading up to the event. BTW, have you seen the dance floor when 'The Wobble' gets played? Everyone begins dancing like no one is watching, and yeah, 'wobbling'!

So what's the right answer? Should line dances be played or not? Well, you may like your fries without ketchup, and that's perfectly fine if you enjoy them that way! Don't go off of someone else's opinion who tells you a line dance should or should not be played. Ultimately it's your wedding & it's completely up to you. If you want to dance the Macarena, you should be able to, regardless if aunt Linda likes it or not!

However, if line dances just don't go with your personality, let your DJ know. You should be able to voice what's most important to you.

Will you have line dances at your wedding?

  • YES

  • NO


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