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Your Own Personal Papparazzi!

Excited Bride

Content Creator

Picture this - It's the day after the best night of your life, and you're now checking social media & asking friends/family members for pictures they took. Don't you just wish you could fast forward two months to see the pictures and video your photographers took?  Don't worry, our day of content creator captured all those moments in first person POV and you can see everything they captured the very next day!😎

Do it for the gram!📸

Candid Moments Captured!

 -Stories posted to your social

media in real time.
-Recreate the Reels or TikTok videos you've shared with your wedding party & fiancé.

-Enjoy a plethora of pictures and video all captured from your very own personal paparazzi! 

You Pick, We Create!


We keep it simple, no need to delegate social media duties to a friend/family member. We'll document the behind-the-scenes & end the night with a recap. We will edit photos & videos we capture through the night. Best of all, it's all done from your phone! You'll be able to enjoy the content

during morning breakfast! Insta-worthy content you will love, so you can enjoy your wedding the way you deserve!

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